Bank-On-It Payroll Services is a Genre Consultants company



Welcome to Bank-On-It Payroll Services

Through Bank-On-It Payroll Services, you can: 

bulletOutsource your complete Company Payroll services.
bulletManage all your Payroll Taxes and Deductions.
bulletDirect-Deposit payments to your employee bank accounts.
bulletHandle all your Payroll Tax Requirements.
bulletHandle Workers' Compensation, 401(k) Plans.
bulletAnd so much more.....

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bulletSmall Size Company (5-100 employees)
bulletMedium Size Company (101-500 employees)
bulletLarge Size Company (501+ employees)
bulletSpecialty Company (Restaurant, Bar, Club, Non-profit etc.)

No matter what size or what type company you are Bank-On-It Payroll Services has the right, efficient, reliable and inexpensive plan for you. Stop wasting your time and money with services that do not add to your profit line. 

bulletLocal Service

Bank-On-It Payroll Services are based locally where you are. We specialize with small to medium size companies based in California.

bulletWeb-based Services

We provide easy, flexible and efficient web-based services to our customers. Just log-in the Secure  portion of our Website and enter the basic information such as employee name and hours/days worked. Our software will do the rest.





Bank-On-It Payroll Services is conveniently located where you are. We focus on local small to medium size companies in the great state of  California.
Bank-On-It provides  the most Cost Efficient, Reliable and Convenient Payroll Services on the market. Give your local Bank-On-It representative a call today!
Why hassle with things that take you away from what you do best? Manage your company's operations and leave the hassle of payroll and payroll taxes to us!
You'd be surprised if you knew just how little payroll and payroll taxes done by the experts at Bank-On-It would cost you, both in time and money. We are only a call or click away!